After having checked the property’s availability for the requested dates, and having read this document, you can make the booking. To secure it, an advance payment by bank transfer of 30% of the full cost of the booking needs to be made.

We will email you our bank details so that you can make a bank transfer with the requested amount. After payment, you need to send us the payment confirmation from the bank, with your full name and reservation dates. Following which, we will send confirmation of your reservation.

Paying for the reservation, as explained here, means you accept to be bound by our terms of business.


The remaining 70% to be paid, will be paid in cash on arrival to the property. You will be presented with a document like this one, but with the details and conditions concerning your particular booking, for you to sign, and will be given a copy of it, and a receipt for the payment for the stay and the guarantee for you to keep.

Personal checks, or any other similar ways of payment, will not be accepted. Payment will only be accepted in Euros.


On arrival, and once checked that everything in the property is in good condition, you will be requested to pay 200 Euros as guarantee.

When you leave the property, it will be checked again, to see that it has not been damaged in any way, and your full guarantee payment will be returned to you in the following two days, by bank transfer.

If, on the other hand, the property has suffered damage, (breakages etc of fittings of any kind) payment for the required repairs will be deducted from the guarantee payment.

Cleaning arrangments

On your arrival, the property will be perfectly clean and tidy. During your stay we ask you to be as careful as possible.

We ask our clients to pay attention to the state of the property when they finally leave it: you are requested to put rubbish away in the outside bin used for that purpose; not to leave food in the fridge; no dirty dishes in the sink; and to leave rooms tidy, with the sheets and towels in the laundry basket, but if not available, on the beds or seats, not on the floor. If towels are dump, please let them hanged out to dry.

Although cleaning after departure is included in the rental price, if on the final revision the property showed that these mentioned levels of cleanliness had not been observed, or that it had not been properly kept, 50 Euros will be deducted from the guarantee payment.

For periods of two weeks or more it is possible to arrange one extra cleaning session, payable by the tenant.


By the tenant:

If you cancel the booking up to 30 days before your arrival date, your payment, minus a 10% of the reserve price, will be returned to you.

Between 7 and 30 days before the arrival date you will be returned your payment minus 50% of the reserve price.

Less than 7 days before the arrival date, we will deduct 100% of the reserve price.

By us:

If by force majeure we could not house you, the client, in the property initially reserved, we undertake to inform you as soon as possible about it, and to propose a similar alternative to the one booked.

In case you prefer to cancel the booking all together, we will transfer back to you -by bank transfer- the full amount sent by you to make the booking.

Checking-in and checking-out

The stipulated check-in and check-out times are between 09.00h and 22.00h.

Outside those hours, it will still be possible, but with an extra payment of 20 Euros.

In principle the property can be vacated at any time, but in case your departure date were to coincide with another client’s entry date, you will be asked to vacate the property at midday at the latest.

Minimum stay

The minimum duration of the stay is two nights (and so the minimum price will always be for two nights).

With the exceptions of Christmas and Easter when the duration of the stay may be different; please check with us beforehand.


As a general rule pets are not allowed, saved in special cases -to be considered by the owner of the property.


If during your stay would any problem arise with the property, please let us know straight away, to solve it as soon as possible.

Our contact telephone number +34 633 62 93 25 is always at your disposal.

Please remember that we will not accept claims made on your departure.

If the problem is attributable to the owner, the client will be compensated according to the concerning problem.

If, on the contrary the owner is not directly responsible for it, we will still do all in our power to solve the problem, but in this case you will not have a right to compensation.


Clients will not be allowed to:
– Bring in furniture in the property, nor do repairs or alter the properties in any way, however small, without the written consent of the owner.

– Put up more people than the maximum stipulated for the property.

– Sublet the property, or to use it for a different purpose than the one it was booked for.

– Bring in explosive, flammable, or any other type of substance which can cause discomfort or damage to other tenants, etc

– Carry out any activity contrary to the safety and public order general customs, and which may interfere with the normal repose of, and the good dealings with, the other users of the building.

– Bring in animals against the expressed ban of the owner.

The non-compliance with any of these bans will result in the eviction from the property without devolution of the guarantee payment and the carrying out of the necessary actions in each case.

Loss of reserve and guarantee

If after 24 hours of the arranged booking check-in, no one has arrived at the property, no part of the booking payment will be reimbursed, and the remaining 70% to be paid for the whole stay will still be owed to us by the client.

Other indications

Client must make a responsible use of the services (water, gas and electricity): We will be grateful for your colaboration no to waste energy

A maximum of two sets of keys will be given. Those keys will have to be given back at the end of the stay. In no circumstances they can be copied by the client. The loss of any of the sets by the client will be charged to them.

– Data provided by clients is processed in accordance with Organic Law 15/1999 concerning Personal Data Protection.